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Industries We Serve

Specialised hydraulic solutions to cater to various sectors.


In the maritime sector, where reliability and performance are crucial, our hydraulic solutions play a vital role in ship systems, offshore equipment, and dock operations. We provide marine-grade hydraulic components and systems that withstand harsh sea environments, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for vessels of all sizes.

With more than 35 years of experience, Global Hydraulics has been delivering products, services, and on-site repairs for ship equipment and machinery. Our teams boast a profound understanding and expertise in addressing the challenges and needs specific to the marine industry.


The pharmaceutical sector demands precision and strict adherence to industry regulations. Our hydraulic solutions are specially designed to meet the stringent standards of the industry, ensuring clean and contamination-free operations for pharmaceutical equipment.

With a focus on hygiene and efficiency, our products play a vital role in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Food and Beverage

At Global Hydraulics, we are dedicated to helping businesses in the food and beverage industry meet their unique operational needs and regulatory requirements, through our extensive ranges of fluid air products.

In the food and beverage sector, hygiene and food safety are paramount. Our hydraulic and pneumatic solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the industry, providing food-safe components and systems for food processing and packaging. We ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and performance in food-related operations.

Oil, Gas, and Turbine

The oil, gas, and turbine sector demands ruggedness and reliability. Our hydraulic systems and components are engineered to withstand extreme conditions and deliver consistent performance in oil and gas exploration, drilling, and turbine applications.

From offshore rigs to onshore operations, our solutions are built to excel in demanding environments.


In the manufacturing sector, efficiency and productivity are key drivers. We provide custom hydraulic solutions that enhance production processes, including material handling, metal forming, and machine tool applications.

Our components and systems play a vital role in various manufacturing operations, contributing to smooth production lines and increased output.


From vehicles to trains, the transportation sector relies on hydraulic systems for a wide range of applications. Our hydraulic solutions are tailored to meet the demands of this industry, ensuring reliable performance and safety in critical transportation systems.

Ranging from maintaining heavy-duty vehicles, providing parts for plane landing gear mechanisms or hydraulic train braking systems to pneumatic equipment in car repair garages, our top-quality products and expert knowledge ensures your requirements are fulfilled.

Waste Management

Hydraulics play a crucial role in waste management equipment. Our solutions enable efficient waste handling, compaction, and disposal, contributing to sustainable waste management practices. From waste collection vehicles to landfill compactors, our hydraulic systems help streamline waste management operations.

At Global Hydraulics we can provide hydraulic hose assemblies, valves and fittings designed for all heavy-duty waste management applications.

More specifically, hydraulic power units for compactors and balers, pumps and cylinders for rubbish truck lift systems.

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